Pipe Repair

Our Qualified Plumbers Can Assess & Repair Broken Water Pipes Throughout Your Birmingham, AL Home

Almost every homeowner will experience problems with their water and sewer pipes at one time or another. A plumbing system is relatively uncomplicated as long as everything is working as designed. Unfortunately, piping is one of the most common plumbing problems, so it’s important to have a skilled and experienced plumber like the pros a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing ready to repair your piping if the need ever arises. We also perform whole-home inspections.

Pipe Repair Services

Our team can handle all types of pipe repairs, including the following:

  • Leaking Pipes: A leaking pipe can result in an outrageous water bill, but it can also cause extensive damage to walls, ceiling and the floors in your home. A pipe leak should always be located and repaired as quickly as possible to minimize the expense.
  • Clogged Pipes: Pipe obstructions can be caused by many things including grease, hair, hygiene products and much more. When a pipe is restricted, water can’t flow through it, and it backs up into the toilet, sink or tub. If the clog isn’t cleared, the appliance can overflow or break down.
  • Burst Pipes: A burst pipe presents a real hazard, since a large amount of water may discharge quickly into your living area or property. A broken water pipe can cause a great deal of damage and create a huge mess. If one of your pipes suddenly bursts, call our 24/7 emergency service.
  • Insufficient Water Pressure: Low water pressure plagues many homeowners, and it’s important to locate the source of the problem and implement the repairs required to make sure your family has sufficient water pressure at every outlet.

The Types of Pipe We Repair

Plumbing pipe is produced from a variety of materials, and we’re familiar with all of them.

  • Copper Pipe: Repairing copper pipe is not that difficult, but locating the problem and accessing the broken section can be challenging. We can replace damaged or failed pipe with fresh copper or a composite alternative.
  • Polybutylene: From the 1970s through the early 1990s, polybutylene was used extensively in residential plumbing. This gray plastic material is prone to leaking and cracking after only a few years of use. Since it deteriorates from the inside out, visual inspections don’t help in determining if the material is failing. Our trained plumbing technicians have the tools to evaluate the condition of your polybutylene pipes and replace them if necessary.
  • PVC: PVC has been an industry standard for many years. It’s inexpensive and lasts a long time. However repairing PVC requires the skill of a professional plumber who knows how to sand, prime and glue PVC joints so they’ll withstand the punishment of time and weather.

Complete Pipe Repair Services

If you have a broken water pipe in your Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Pelham, AL or surrounding area home, call the professionals at Benjamin Franking Plumbing. We’ll assess your plumbing pipe problem and repair the system, so your family has an uninterrupted source of fresh water.

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