Toilet Repair & Replacement with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Birmingham, AL

You may not give your toilets a second thought, but if they break down, you’ll realize how important these essential fixtures really are. Toilets that aren’t working properly can become a huge inconvenience and a potential health hazard. If you have a serious toilet problem, turn off the water to it and call the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Toilet Repair

Toilets get used a lot, so internal parts wear out over time. We’ve repaired just about every conceivable style of toilet, so when you call us, we’ll fix your toilet right the first time. Here are a few of the common toilet problems we deal with on a daily basis:

Toilet restrictions and clogs: There’s always that terrible moment when you flush a toilet and the water keeps rising until it finally overflows onto the floor. Toilet clogs are caused by dense objects in the toilet or a more serious obstruction further down the line. If a plunger doesn’t clear the problem, call us right away.

Toilet keeps running: If you flush your toilet and it just keeps running, it means there’s a leak in the system. Water is draining through the overflow tube, and thousands of gallons of fresh water can be wasted every day. These problems are often caused by a damaged flapper, corroded pipe or faulty flush valve.

Cracked porcelain: Small cracks in the porcelain toilet tank and bowl can cause water to flood your bathroom floor. Look at your toilet to find cracks or chips in the surface. If see you spider veins running through the bowl or base, you’ll want to replace the toilet immediately before it completely fails.

Toilet Replacement and Installation

There are times when a toilet is either too old or damaged to repair. If it must be replaced, we can arrange for a new toilet installation. A toilet should only be installed by a professional plumber to ensure it’s secured and sealed properly. The piping must be connected in a specific way to avoid future problems. All of our toilets are installed according to factory guidelines and local, state and federal building codes.

Old toilets are inefficient, and they cost homeowners hundreds of dollars in wasted water every year. Before 1994, toilets had a gallons-per-flush rate nearly double that of modern low-flow toilets. Our expert plumbing associates can help you select a new efficient toilet with all the best features.

  • An elongated bowl
  • Dual flush
  • Comfort height
  • High efficiency
  • Pressure assisted flush

The Toilet Repair and Installation Specialists

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all your Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Pelham, AL and surrounding area home’s toilet repair, replacement and installation needs. A representative will answer your questions and arrange for an appointment that fits comfortably into your schedule.

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