Benjamin Franklin Provides Water Jetting Services To Meet Your Needs in Birmingham, AL

Sewer lines never stay pristine. Over time, the interior walls of the pipe become coated with a buildup of sludge, debris, roots and other materials. Eventually, the pathway to the sewer system is blocked, which can result in flooding and significant property damage. Regular sewer maintenance incorporates the water jetting process to help you avoid untimely and unsanitary sewer blockages.

How Water Jetting Works

Water that is under pressure is very powerful. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, our water jetting equipment is calibrated to project a controlled stream of high-pressure water into your drains and sewer lines. Water jetting is very safe for your pipes and environmentally friendly. Different nozzles and attachments give the technician total control over the process and the ability to clear even the toughest obstructions. We vary the water pressure depending on the condition of the pipe so that it’s completely clear of clogs, debris, and sludge.

High-pressure water jetting is capable of clearing a variety of different obstructions:

  • Grease, fat and oil
  • Thick roots
  • Sand, gravel and mud
  • Built-up scale
  • Sludge

After the water jetting process has washed away the contaminants in your sewer pipe, one of our technicians will inspect the interior using a video camera to ensure it’s totally clean. In contrast to an auger or eel machine, water jetting does more than just cut a hole through roots and sludge. Our process actually washes the debris out of your pipe. In some instances, you can avoid costly digging or excavating by using the water jetting method.

Consider a Water Jetting Maintenance Program

Companies involved in food preparation experience a lot of clogged drain and sewer line problems caused by grease, cooking oils and other viscous liquids that find their way into the sewer system. This can eventually cause an unexpected clog at an inopportune time, resulting in lost sales, angry customers, and property damage. The pros at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can set up a water jet maintenance plan to ensure your drains and sewer lines stay clear and comply with health department requirements.

Call the Water Jetting Experts

If you’re experiencing a clog, restriction or slow moving drain, in your Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Pelham, AL or surrounding area home, call us today. We’re a fully licensed and insured plumbing contractor ready to tackle all your piping, sewer, drain and water-related problems. We pride ourselves on promptness, but if there’s any delay, it’s you we pay. Our technicians are on call 24/7, and we provide emergency service for serious situations. We promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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